Mayfield Group runs a large fleet of Caterpillar D11 Dozers which are engaged on a range of projects including dozer bulk push, mine site rehabilitation (inc geo-flo design), dam construction, sub-division and road development works.  Complementing this, we are also equipped with the smaller D10 and D9 models for projects such as stockpile management, final trim mine site rehabilitation services, as well as a range of smaller civil construction projects. 

We can also provide truck and shovel solutions running our fleet of CAT 777s or Haulmax 3900D rear dump trucks under a Liebherr 994 (230tn) Excavator. In addition to running under the Excavator, our Haulmax trucks are extremely versatile and have dual rear axles enabling them to operate in most weather conditions. Ideally they are suited to hauling either coal or rejects but have also been used to carry topsoil, clay or gravel and are specifically designed to run on longer hauls.

Mayfield Group also owns a range of ancillary equipment such as wheel Caterpillar Loaders, screening plants, service trucks and light vehicles.  Should your project require equipment not already owned within the Mayfield Group we have access to a wide range of machinery from our suppliers and for a project with sufficient duration and size we will locate and purchase the equipment required to ensure a successful outcome for your project.

All of our machines are MDG-15 compliant and have been passed out to operate on many NSW & Queensland mine sites.

A significant part of our Dozer fleet as well as the Excavator and Haulmax trucks are sound suppressed. In addition, several of our D11Rs are fitted with GPS units and one has remote control capabilities.


CAT D11 Dozers (incl. sound suppressed, and remote control capabilities)
CAT D10 Dozers
CAT D9 Dozer

CAT D6 Dozer



CAT 988 Wheel Loader
CAT 908 Wheel Loader



Liebherr 994/220 Excavator (sound suppressed)
Komatsu PC130 Excavator

Komatsu PC350 Excavator



Haulmax 3900D Trucks (incl. sound suppressed)
CAT 777C’s



Terex 694+ Supertrak




CAT 777 Watercart