Since 2012 Mayfield Group has managed a workforce of varying size, which has peaked at 120 people. We have a comprehensive training program which is mapped to the RII standard as well as a dedicated Human Resources, Safety and Training Manager and a Trainer and Assessor who is employed full time. Our safety management system is regularly audited and updated to ensure compliance with relevant Acts and Regulations.

As a team, we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally considerate workplace for our Employees, Clients and Visitors. To achieve this objective we:

●      Provide safe work areas, equipment and systems for our employees

●      Compliance with all relevant legislation

●      Consult with our Employees to identify hazards and manage risks within the workplace

●      Provide effective, efficient injury management and rehabilitation programs for all Employees

●      Provide all Employees with necessary training, instruction and supervision to carry out their work in a safe and efficient manner.

A safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace is fundamental to successful operations. We must endeavour to find safe ways of working so that all workers, clients and visitors leave the workplace each day in the same condition as they arrived.